Foreclosures in Napa County have seriously harmed homeowners and tenants in Napa County and led to a decline in housing prices. The links below provides information about rights and responsibilities, avoiding predatory rescue scams, foreclosure resources, and a study describing the background of the predatory lending crisis. 

Fair Housing and Foreclosure – a PowerPoint Presentation about Fair Housing Act Protections and foreclosure.
Fair Housing & Foreclosure English.pdf
Fair Housing & Foreclosure Spanish.pdf

Foreclosure Information - Foreclosure References from the San Francisco HUD office.
Foreclosure Information.pdf

Foreclosed State of the Dream 2008 – An explanation of the predatory lending crisis that has led to massive housing foreclosures.
Foreclosed State of the Dream 2008.pdf

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Fair Housing and Foreclosure - PowerPoint Presentations
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Lending/Predatory Lending 
   •   HUD Don't Be a Victim of Loan Fraud (brochure):
   •   State of California, Office of the Attorney General:
           To file a complaint or research information on mortgage rescue scams
   •   HUD Online Lending Information:
   •   Putting Your Home on the Loan Line is Risky Business:
         o   English:
         o   Spanish:

For more information see: California Law


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