Residents of mobilehome parks are governed by various regulations including the  Mobilehome Residency Law (California Civil Code §798 through §799.11). The entire statute is linked below. Also, residents of City of Napa mobilehome parks are fortunate to be part of an informal agreement between the City of Napa, the Mobilehome Park Owners Association, and the Mobilehome Owners Association. The agreement is known as the Memorandum of Understanding which is available below.

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Sometimes controversy arises and problems may occur when the owner of an older mobile home with potential/alleged health and safety issues seeks to resell that unit. This paper outlines the responsibilities of homeowners and mobilehome park owners and managers with regard to establishing the health and safety of homes for sale.
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FHNV is the administrator of the City of Napa Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the City of Napa Mobilehome Owners Association and the City of Napa Mobilehome Park Owners Association. The MOU is a voluntary agreement that creates a predictable annual increase in base mobilehome space rent that is tied to the San Francisco Bay Area Consumer Price Index (CPI). Each year rent may be raised by the increase in the CPI from the prior year plus one per cent, with a base increase of 3 percent and a cap of seven per cent. The full terms of the MOU are available in the MOU document on this page along with several news accounts of the MOU agreement.

This voluntary approach is a model practice that has maintained harmony between the mobilehome park owners and mobilehomeowners in the City of Napa for fifteen years, and was a negotiated solution to a close election that nearly mandated rent control in the City of Napa. FHNV replaced Napa County Rental Information and Mediation Services (NCRIMS) as the agency to resolve disputes, and the park owners originally agreed to pay a nominal fee per rental space to support these services along with funds from the City of Napa.

As part of the terms of the MOU, FHNV convenes twice annual meetings of the parties to discuss issues that arise during the year and provides information, counseling and conciliation for all parties when disputes need to be resolved.

The original MOU was signed on January 30, 1995 by JoAnn Busenbark, then Napa City Council Liaison; Ellie Hubbard, Executive Director of (NCRIMS), a precursor to FHNV; Jean Phillips, recent former President of the Homeowners Association; Bill Schweinfurth, current President of the Park Owner Association representing Napa Valley Mobilehome Park; and many park owners and homeowner officers. The mobilehome parks that were signatories to the MOU include: Valley Mobilehome Park, Rexford Mobile Estates, Oaktree Vineyard, Grandview Mobilehome Park, Salvador Mobile Estates, Newell’s Mobile City, La Siesta Village, Napa Valley Mobilehome Park, and Valley Estates. FHNV has copies in the office of the original documents with signatures.

Memorandum of Understanding - Original Media.pdf
Napa County Record, February 24, 1995
Napa Sentinel Article, 1-27-95.pdf
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